BEGO Collagen Membrane

The pericardium barrier membrane

The original collagen structure of porcine pericardium is retained in the BEGO Collagen Membrane. The natural cross-connections of the collagen fibres guarantee excellent compatibility and a long-lasting barrier function. The collagen fibres create a 3D network which gives the BEGO Collagen Membrane its multi-directional stability and suppleness.

The BEGO Collagen Membrane is cell-occlusive, has a smooth side for adaptation of the soft tissue and a rough side as a guiding structure for blood vessels and bone cells.

The BEGO Collagen Membrane boasts a chameleon effect. When dry the pericardium membrane is stable, when wet its properties change and it becomes flexible and supple. The chameleon effect means that the membrane is ideal, for example, for the “stick & flip” technique for lateral augmentations according to PD Dr. Dr. Daniel Rothamel.


As a cover and/or in combination with bone substitute material (BEGO OSS, BEGO OSS S)for all indications which permit controlled tissue regeneration.


  • Naturally retained collagen structure of porcine pericardium
  • Biocompatible
  • Long barrier function > 3 months
  • Permeable for blood and nutrients
  • Good vascularisation
  • Stable and tear-proof when dry
  • Supple and adhesive to bone when rehydrated
  • Resorbable

Advantages for you

Handling: Ideal for draping, can be cut to size, does not stick, can be used both wet and dry Quick rehydration
Patient acceptance: Can be resorbed, no second surgical intervention required
Techniques: Used as a cover with all common GBR and GTR techniques, stick & flip technique