The synthetic alternative

BEGO OSS S is a synthetic resorbable bone substitute material. Thanks to the intelligent combination of two homogeneously distributed phases, rapidly resorbing ß-tricalcium phosphate (40%) and volume stable hydroxyapatite (60%), premature resorption is counteracted.

BEGO OSS S is osteoconductive and has an interconnecting pore system which is based on that of natural bone. The BEGO OSS pore system is a highly complex network of macro-, micro- and nanopores. The macroporous dimensions ensure optimal recruitment of bone cells whilst the micropores and the nanostructured surface generate strong capillary forces for complete penetration of BEGO OSS S with blood and the effective adhesion of proteins.


All common GBR techniques in combination with a barrier membrane


Interconnecting pore system
Rough, hydrophilic surface
Gradually and completely resorbable

Advantages for you

Handling: Can be mixed with blood, sterile saline solution and autogenous bone grafts, when wet a structured mass is produced for absorbing and contouring
Patient acceptance: Protection against premature resorption and the associated problems, no rejection reactions, completely biodegradable

Techniques: All common GBR techniques in combination with a barrier membrane