BEGO Semados® SC/SCX-Implants

Tried and tested aspects of the BEGO Semados® S-Implants remain unchanged in the SC/SCX implants:
The cylindrical geometry of the implants is preserved.
BEGO Semados® SC/SCX implants can be implanted in all jaw regions and all bone qualities. They are recommended for the following applications in particular: in the upper and lower jaw, for D1 and D2 bone qualities, with sufficient bone volume, for sinus augmentation to protect against inadvertent perforation of the Schneiderian membrane
The SC/SCX implants are available in the standard diameters (3.25/ 3.75/ 4.1/ 4.5/ 5.5 mm) and lengths (7/ 8.5/ 10/ 11.5/ 13/ 15 mm) of the S-implants.
The BEGO Semados® SC-implants feature the established machined shoulder with a micro-roughness comparable to natural dental enamel (Ra ≈ 0.4).
The trusted surgical process / the surgical preparation with the BEGO Semados® S-Line TrayPlus remains. The existing processing instruments can still be used.
Individual treatments, made of a range of materials, can be obtained as usual via the CAD/CAM supported production of BEGO Medical.

Modern discoveries lead to optimisation:
The thread design and the cutting groove of the self-tapping thread of the S-implants have been revised.
The progressive microthread in the implant shoulder region to generate defined compression of the crestal bone and increased bone contact rate has been optimised.
The SCX implant has a structured shoulder and responds to the individual needs of the patient treatment and the preferences of the practitioner.
The implant shoulder surface of the SC/SCX implants has been adapted to the Platform Switch Design of the BEGO Semados® RS/RSX implants, so that all standard PS prosthetics components are available to the user.
The range is extended with an implant measuring 5.5 mm in diameter and 7 mm in length. To treat cases, where there is low vertical bone height, and where augmentation is not to be performed.
By 20 March 2017 BEGO Implant Systems will take its leave from the classic BEGO Semados® S-implants, respecting the role they have played, but with full commitment to the new BEGO Semados® SC- and SCX Implants, which are to be launched at the 37th IDS (International Dental Show from 21 to 25 March 2017). The phasing out and launch in key markets depends on the registration time.

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