Experience precious metal digital with BEGO CAD/Cast – economically and easy to calculate

As an extended workbench, BEGO Medical produces precious metal crowns and bridges up to seven members for laboratories in the BEGO CAD/Cast process. Users benefit from the economic, precise and fast production of frameworks at the high-tech production center in Bremen.
The CAD/Cast process combines modern CAD designs with the conventional casting technique. Based on your CAD models or files, acryl restorations are fabricated in Bremen. These are then invested and cast in the material of your choice using industrial vacuum/pressure casting. Within 48 hours, you will get the cast frameworks for further processing.

The advantages for dental laboratories offered by the BEGO CAD/Cast process compared to the analogous production of cast frameworks are varied. Besides the possibility of integrating the industrial casting technology into their own production processes, there is no need for pre-financing and storage of cost-intensive precious metal alloys in the laboratory. At BEGO, users can choose from a variety of biocompatible precious metal alloys whose calculations exclusively based on actual consumption. Thus, the casted objects are weighed and charged in your favor without the calculation of casting and grinding losses when cutting and grinding the castings.

Additionally, users and patients can also benefit from the quality promise of BEGO as one of the leading providers of CAD/CAM prosthetics. With the BEGO SECURITY Prosthetics the Bremen family-owned company with more than 125 years of tradition guarantees a 30-year warranty for frameworks made in the CAD/Cast process and thus goes well beyond the statutory warranty. More information about the BEGO SECURITY Prosthetics can be found online here.