New shade allocation for BEGO Zirkon HT

The specially developed colors of the new ceramic line offer the user a wide application field for highly aesthetics dentures. The shade allocation was adapted to ensure a simpler allocation of the shades of BEGO Zirkon HT.

The two ceramic lines offer the highest level of shade fidelity and reproducibility due to the BEGO color concept. The CAD/CAM products made of BEGO Zirkon HT are available in seven and restorations made of BEGO Zirkon LT are available in five shades. Users benefit from a simplified representation of the shade allocation of BEGO Zirkon HT01–HT07 in accordance to the VITA* classical color system.

For this purpose, the seven shades of BEGO Zirkon HT are differentiated in the shade allocation in accordance to the VITA* classical color system between frameworks for ceramic veneering and fully anatomical restorations. This new shade allocation results from the fact that the colors in a fully anatomic design are slightly darker due to the higher wall thickness.

Both CAD/CAM materials are usable for the preparation of partially and fully veneered frames up to 16 units and up to two pontics. The production by means of high-precision machines in the high-tech production center of BEGO provides a unique fit. Dentine core crowns and bridges, Maryland bridges and telescopic primary crowns can be produced as well.

The new shade allocations of BEGO Zirkon HT can be found here. There is also an outline of the broad area use of BEGO Zirkon HT and BEGO Zirkon LT.

* This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group.