The evolution of the BEGO Semados® S-Line SC/SCX implants

BEGO Implant Systems presented its latest generation of implants on 24 November 2016 at the 30th Annual Meeting of the DGI (German Society for Implantology) in Hamburg. The SC and SCX implants are the modern development and replacement of BEGO Semados® S implants.

The proven self-tapping thread design of the cylindrical S-Line implants with increasing core diameter at decreasing thread depth towards the prosthodontic interface, for increased primary stability, has been reengineered in the thread course and the cutting groove taking the existing preparation instruments, among others, into account and optimises the current slightly progressive micro-threads on the implant head to create a defined compression of the crestal bone and increased bone contact rate in the critical pre-implanted bone in the SC/SCX- implants.

The machined shoulder of the new SC implant enables it to connect seamlessly with the known BEGO Semados®S, RI and RS implant lines. The surface of the machined shoulder in this case has a micro- roughness comparable to that of natural tooth enamel (Ra ? 0.4). The SCX implant has a structured shoulder and responds to the individual needs of the patient’s treatment and the preferences of the practitioner. Both the SC and the SCX implants, as well as the S implants, are prepared with the existing S-Line BEGO Semados® TrayPlus. One major plus of the new systems is, similar to the RS/RSX implants, that they feature an indentation on the implant shoulder surface (so-called platform switch), allowing S-Line customers to take advantage of the platform switch prosthetics (PS-Line) with the new implants from the IDS 2017. As usual, individual treatments made of different materials can be sourced via the CAD/CAM-based production by BEGO Medical. The proven internal conical connection with its mean taper angle of 45 ° and anti-rotation feature through a hexagon socket makes the new SC and SCX implants compatible with the existing prosthetics of the RS/RSX-Line. It provides the user with all the usual platform switch prosthodontic components.

The new implants are available in the familiar S-Line diameters and lengths and are suitable for almost all indications in dental implantology. The product line is extended with an implant diameter of 5.5 mm at a length of 7 mm to meet the demand for short and thick implants.

To guarantee the usual high standard of BEGO Implant Systems, several SC and SCX implants have in recent months been inserted and documented after the registration of the implants.

Distribution of the new implants of the BEGO Semados® S-Line, the SC and SCX implants, will start from the 37thIDS (International Dental Show) in Cologne (21 to 25 March 2017). The launch onto the various key markets depends on how long registration will take.