BEGO Collagen Fleece

The all-rounder

The BEGO Collagen Fleece is made from the natural collagen of porcine dermis. The 3D structure of the collagen is preserved due to gentle processing and, through the aggregation of thrombocytes, promotes the formation and stabilising of blood clots during the initial wound healing phase.

BEGO Collagen Fleece is used, for example, to treat soft tissue extraction points and minor bone defects. In addition to the outstanding adhesive properties, the Fleece retains its shape and structure when wet. When hydrated, the BEGO Collagen Fleece forms a smooth gel which can be easily draped.


  • Treatment of soft tissue extraction sites
  • Treatment of extraction sockets (socket preservation)
  • With minor bone or shaping defects, e.g., apicoectomies, cystectomies
  • With sinus floor elevations to protect the sinus membrane


  • Promotes formation and stabilisation of blood clotting
  • Protects the defect against penetration of foreign bodies
  • Natural local haemostyptic
  • Volume stable
  • Fully resorbed after 2 to 4 weeks

Advantages for you

Handling: Can be cut and shaped, adheres to the defect after rehydration, dimensionally stable
Patient acceptance: Good integration in the tissue, excellent compatibility, protection of the defect site
Techniques: Socket preservation