Something solid in between – it exists!

Great success of BEGO Semados® Provisional Implants

After positioning the implant, implantologists can fix interim restorations, stabilise bridges or prostheses and also relieve augmented areas during the healing phase of the actual implant. A flexible zone below the prosthetic interface allows the necessary bending after insertion to align the interface. Through the common direction of insertion achieved, the provisional restoration can be incorporated without any tension.

The advertising campaign with the provocative title of “Something solid in between – does it exist?” launched at the end of the first quarter in 2018 gave the product the expected thrust of attention.

“The success shows we are right,” comments graduate engineer André Henkel with satisfaction. He is the product manager of BEGO Implant Systems. “We have a great product for everyday clinic life, and thanks to our conspicuous branding a market reputation to match.”

The BEGO Semados® Provisional Implant (PI Line) is self-cutting, has an untreated surface and is made of grade 5 titanium.